About Us

All in One SEO & SEM Services

From local to global marketing requirements, we offer standardized & custom search marketing solutions for all your SEM & SEO needs.

Our Story

Online Marketing Company Pvt Ltd (OMC) aim is to offer sustainable, organic long-term search visibility and traffic solutions as a digital marketing agency in Sri Lanka. We follow an integrated approach by working within the overall marketing strategy and to include a the client’s marketing & PR teams in the process with a more hands on initiatives.
OMC is also part of the Loops Digital, a leading digital marketing agency in Sri Lanka, with access to an integrated & multi-faceted range of digital marketing solutions that can be offered upon request.

Our Approach


SEO Audit

Conduct a comprehensive SEO audit of the current SEO landscape a client’s website is functioning in.



Diverse analysis of the target market, geo-location, search behavior & competitors. 


Onsite SEO

Based on the audit, the website is optimized both technically & content wise.



Comprehensive tracking is setup to monitor ranking and site performance



Transparent live reporting via live dashboards, monthly updates, activity reports & meetings



Constant monitoring & adapting to the ever evolving search engine algorithm updates.

Why choose us?

OMC’s global team has over a decade of experience in SEO & SEM.

Our team comprises of both local & global members offering a wide perspective & access to the latest techniques & strategies.

We use some of the most reputed tools available for SEO & competitor analysis.

Clients are eligible for both SEO & SEM orientation training during onboarding.

Clients have full access to all accounts, analytics and live dashboards.

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