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Comprehensive Organic SEO/SEM Solution

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) & Search Engine Marketing (SEM) are essential for websites today. With the ever-growing saturation to be heard in a crowded marketplace, SEO & SEM are a must to draw sustainable, organic visibility and visitors. Here are some of the SEO services in Sri Lanka offered by us.

Site Audit

A comprehensive site audit is essential to identify what areas need to be addressed, such as keyword research, page speed, mobile friendliness etc, to improve SEO-friendliness.

Onsite SEO

Based in the audit reports, OMC will implement improvements to code, media & content.

Monthly SEM

Monthly Search Engine Marketing aims to build a foundation of authority, trust & relevance. This will help your site rank on the top in search engine results.


The perfect visibility boosting service for physical locations to possible customers within the vicinity. This is ideal for out of town or saturated urban areas.


SEO & SEM for eCommerce is crucial for niche & product level visibility, driving traffic based on item or category searches and many more.

Help & Support

OMC understands that SEO & SEM can be hard to grasp. We offer orientations & department level trainings to help you and your colleagues better understand the concept of SEO & SEM.

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